- Company incorporation

- Business sales 

- Shareholders agreements

- Mergers and Acquisitions

- Legal lifetime follow-up 

- Asset and liability guarantee

- Bankruptcy law

- Assisting companies and managers (offenders or victims) with various proceedings: misuse of company assets, breach of trust, fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, public and private corruption, unlawful taking of interests, favoritism, usury, insider offences, spread of false or misleading information and market manipulation.

– Providing memoranda on the chances of success and risks of a judicial procedure
- Audit, delegation authority projects

- Contractual liability

– Tortious liability

– Debt recovery

– Enforcement proceedings

- Cancellation of administrative decisions

– General and specific administrative measures

– Public persons extra-contractual liability (strict liability and liability for negligence)

– Liability for damages caused by public work or public work operations

– Contractual and post-contractual performance guarantees for public work contracts

– State owned domain

– Administrative sanctions 
- Ordinary sanctions

– Emergency interim proceedings

– Ordinary interim proceedings

– Expertise procedures commanded by administrative jurisdictions

– Administrative closures delivered by a state authority

- Advice regarding employment law enforcement

– Labour contracts drafting
- Disciplinary procedures

– Defence before courts

– Criminal labour law

- Commercial agency contracts

– Distribution agreements

– Franchise agreements

– Concession agreements

– General and specific conditions of sale

- Family law: divorces and guardianship, etc.

- Inheritance law: amicable or judiciary succession sharing, inheritance rights cession, - – – estate planning

- Property acquisitions

– Business sales

– Commercial leases Residential leases

– Co-ownership of property

– Construction

- Procedure to obtain a residence permit

– Resident permit refusals and withdrawals

– Visa

– Regularization procedure

– Naturalization procedure

– French agency for immigration and integration sanctions

- Advising on and litigating sport contracts 

- Disciplinary procedures